Executive Athlete Program

What can we do for the Executive Athlete?

Based on the same high performance training methods that we use with our NFL, MLB, NBA and Olympians, we’re now offering a limited number of executives the opportunity to train in our new Executive Athlete Program.

The Athletic Edge “Executive Athlete Program” is designed to help you reach your optimal health through fitness in a world class training facility with world renowned conditioning experts.We perform a lifestyle and goals assessment and train you to get in the best shape of your life. Its a detailed structured program specific to your needs and goals.

Top sports athletes have long benefited from performance training and coaching, and now business executives are benefiting from the same training environment.

  • “As a busy Executive who travels often and who’s time is limited, Mike Gough structured the Executive Athlete Program to fit my busy schedule. As a former athlete who loves to always be challenged, Mike has designed my workout regime to push me to my limits and beyond. I look forward to my training sessions at the “Edge!”

    Anthony J DiMare The DiMare Company

  • “Athletic Edge kept me physically ready for the grind of an NBA season for years. I retired after last season from running the NBA floors and my concern was staying at the same level of fitness. Mike Gough started me on the Athletic Edge Executive Athlete program . Mike has an intense, challenging and motivational system that works !!!”

    Bob Delaney Retired NBA Referee, Author, Motivational Speaker

  • Grain Management

    David J. Grain


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