MLB Training

Here at Athletic Edge we know that the keys to elevating performance on the diamond are being strong and powerful, having endurance to finish a gruelling season, and the movement skill to make highlight reel plays. The MLB Prep Program will get you ready for the season by having you reach peak levels in strength, speed and power.

We offer an integrated approach combining performance training, Pre-Hab, Re-Hab, and nutritional planning. Enhancing strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility along with proper nutrition and regeneration protocols is a big part in elevating your performance. Our Pitchers program keys on shoulder strength and stability, core strength, rotational power and lower body power.

Our MLB Prep Program is customized to meet your individual goals and are based off of pre-training testing, injury assessment/history, conditioning level, and nutrition profile. Call Us Today to get training along with all of our other MLB players!

  • “The Athletic Edge Baseball program has prepared me the past two years to catch 130+ games behind the plate, while earning a 2011 Gold Glove and two All-Star Game appearances. My Off-Season training program was a key component.”

    Matt Wieters Baltimore Orioles